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Opera"Tensyu Story"( commissioned by NHK,1977);Opera "Beauty and Beast "(commissioned by Nihon opera Kyoukai, 1989);Opera "MINAMO" detail ( commissioned by National Cultural festibval Chiba 91,1991);Musical"When I feel like crying, I will smile"(commissioned by Yachiyo city ,1991); Musical"Innocent Moon " (Played by Musical Theater Girasol,1999).

Orchestral Works

"Orchestra 1966"(The NHK symphony orchestra,conducter: Hiroshi Wakasugi, CD: KING record.co,ltd ,K-KlCC2015);

"Symphonic Metamorphoses(consists of 4 pars)"
(cond. : Hiroyuki Iwaki, TheTokyo Konsei Gassyoudan,:Rituyuukai ,Tokyo symphony orchestra, CD:CDT1017-19. CD order :order@shukomizuno.net

Symphonic poem "Summer" (1989,CD: Camerata Tokyo Inc.28CM-587,conducer Hideomi Kuroiwa,The Tokyo symphony orchestra);

"Symphony No.1"(1990,commissioned by The Japan orchestra promote foundation,conducter: Yuuzo Toyama,the Tokyo symphony orchestra. Socre was lereased by ZEN-ON COMPANY.;

"Symphony No.2 SAKURA" (1991,commissioned by Sakura city public Hall,conducter Naohiro Totuka, The Tokyo symphony orchestra.And this was replayed in Nov,3 in 1999 at The Sakura city public city Hall,by same member);

"Symphony No3" (1997,coducter: Kazushi Yamashita,The Tokyo symphony orchestra,awarded Art festival excellence prize.Abobe all orchestral works were broadcasted by NHK.

"Symphony No4" (2004,coducter: Kazushi Yamashita,The Tokyo symphony orchestra,)

Another well known and well played wroks are the following;

Choral Works

Choral suite for female or children's voices "Little Homeloses" (1982,Score : Ongakuno tomo co,ltd);Choral suite "Tomorrow's Odesseusses"(1988,score : Ongakuno tomo co,ltd);Choral suite "Always, there has been Sphincx" (1993,The first performance at Amsterdam. Socre:Ongakuno tomo co,ltd)

Works for Percussion Ensemble

Trio for 2 marimba and percussion or "Aeolia of October"(1983,CD:ALCD[7024]"KO" for conductor and 8 percussion players(1974,CD:SD-CD152, perc:Eititu Hayashi)

Piano Works

Provisional color for piano1967,Score :Ongakunotomo co.ltd,CD:Colombia,co.ltd,COCO78454; Piano Suite for Four Hands "Muse's Holiday"1998,This music is the newest work for Kyouko Tomoda and Junko Kasahara Sisters's Recital.And they played at least 5 places in 1998,and won popularity.)
"Piano solo by Theme of Remoniscence"2003 ,"Fantasy for Violon &Piano"2003 etc.

Jazz Works

Jazz-Orchestra '73 Toshiyuki MIyama & New Hard ,Terumasa Hino, and all star guests,Record: TBM55;Jazz-Orchestra '75 Toshiyuki MIyama & New Hard,Kazumi Watanabe, and all star guests.CD:TBMl004etc.

Music for Drama

Greece tragedy Music for "Media" , with Tamasaburo Bando Starring; Music for "Romeo and Juliet",Tamasaburo Bando's first production work;Music"Orpheus in hell",with Ineko Arima Starring;Music for "Sharakukou","Tasogare" played by Seinenza

Shuko mMizuno's Wroks Catalog ,editing by Hiroko Kobayashi(Music scholar),was published (both version English and Japanease) in 1998 ,and you can read it at bic Music libray.